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Want to ask you some Questions

Wie könnt ihr selber aktiv werden zum Schutz unserer Umwelt und euch gegen Umweltprobleme und Klimawandel engagieren? SchülerInnen der 10c haben einige Fragen an euch...

In this article I want to ask you some questions, for example if you know why
the nature of our planet is so damaged or
if you have ever done something for the enviorment
What exactly are we protecting by doing enviormentally friendly things?
I thing that most of you people don’t really know this. Today I want to try to answer all these questions for you and collect some things students can do against climate change.

We need to save our Planet’s nature!
First of all with our factories that expel a lot CO2 which is damaging the enviorment but we also destroy the trees and nature of our planet by copping fourty football fields per minute. The trees produce the air that we breathe. Wen we destroy them then we get no air that we can breathe and we’ll die. We also emit a lot of CO2 when we travel by plane, we should prevent this and rely more on more sustainable ways of travel for example trains wich produce significantly less CO2 than an airplane or ship.
If we don't do anything about climate change and emissions in the near future, earth's temperature could rise and many animal species could go extinct. In addition, global warming could destroy the glaciers of the north and south poles. The result would be a higher sea level many villages would be flooded. Surely you don't want that and hopefully you don't want to have over 20 degrees Celsius for the whole year either. Many things in our everyday life would be more difficult. Certain foods that grow in certain regions could no longer grow due to the increased temperature and flooding and die out.
We, the young people can set an example against climate change, for example we can focus on regional products because these products don't need to travel long distances and therefore shouldn't produce as many emissions as imported products would.
You can also use much less plastic and if you use plastic you should see that it is recyclable.
A thing that we have mentioned before is instead of traveling by plane, to use the train is significantly better for the environment because it drives with energy and emits almost nothing. And if it is a very short distance you can even walk or ride your bike so you don't always need the car.
You can see there are many ways to live more sustainably and we can do even more to help the enviroment. Sometimes small and minor looking actions can be important if a large group of people do it, so do your part and help the earth.
After reading this text some of you may have another view on yourselves and what you do for protecting our planet and know how to respect our beautiful nature because you know now that the earth is polluted by car emissions which melt the north and south poles, which causes floodings. The deforestation in the Amazon region leads to massive forest burnings and less CO2 binding and these are just a few examples ofho we are damaging the planet.
If you have learned something that you can do to help the earth I hope you think of some more by your own.

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